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The Samajam is a spiritual and social welfare organization. Its main goal is to spread the teachings of “Sanadhana Dharmam” (Hinduism) through “Nama Sankirthanam” to the Hindu community.

Sathguru Swami Haridhos Giri and Sathguru Swami Namananda Giri has opened Samajams in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Japan, London, Australia, USA and Canada.

The objectives of establishing an ashram is to enhance and uplift Indian culture and arts and as well as a support for social activities. It will also be a brindhavanam for persons seeking clarity, peace and self-nourishment. Some of the activities are:

Indian cultural activities

1)      Meditation

2)      Yoga

3)      Nama Sankeerthanam

4)      Classical Music & Instruments

5)      Tamil Language

Social Activities

1)      Provide support for orphanage and old folk’s home.

2)      Providing support during catastrophic situations.

3)      Spiritual Library to enhance knowledge.

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